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Unlock Imaginations & Amplify Cognitive Development with Club Eimmie
Unlock Imaginations & Amplify Cognitive Development with Club Eimmie

About Us

Why Playtime?

We titled our award-winning toy line "Playtime by Eimmie” because the concept of play is so very important to us.

Playtime means using imagination to come up with new, exciting ways to have fun. It means having an adventure on a pirate ship one day and in a magical realm the next—all in the same back yard. It means creating memories and building relationships you will cherish for a lifetime.

Playtime is the essence of childhood.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create toys that expand imagination, encourage real play and assist in the development of essential life skills. We create the toys, she creates the adventure.

Empowerment Through Imagination and Adventure

Creating adventures with Eimmie and her friends empowers children to develop their imagination and curiosity. This type of play allows children to use their creativity while developing physical, cognitive, and emotional strength. Imaginative play is crucial to childhood development, so we do everything we can to encourage and stimulate the imagination.

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