You're A Doll Kindness Challenge: Winner & Highlights

Sep 29, 2020
You're A Doll Kindness Challenge: Winner & Highlights - Playtime by Eimmie

Last week we launched the first round of our You’re A Doll Kindness Challenge and asked grown-ups to nominate the kind children in their lives. All we can say is WOW!

The stories shared were inspirational and adorable. You are all such great parents, caretakers, and role models because your daughters, nieces, and friends are undoubtedly growing up to be such amazing people. We were so touched by the thoughtfulness, generosity, and kindness shown by children everywhere.

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Trust us when we say that it was very difficult to choose just one winner. That being said... drum roll please! 

You're A Doll Kindness Challenge Winner

The winner of our very first You're A Doll Kindness Challenge is...

kindness challenge winner kind kids

Congrats, Abigael! 

Abigael's mom nominated her in our You're A Doll Kindness Challenge by sharing an amazing story. Check it out:

"My daughter Abigael is in Girl Scouts- when I asked her what she wanted to do for the year ahead she said she wanted to collect socks for the homeless! So her own Socktober was born! She made announcements at school and made a box for collections. We were able to deliver 618 pairs of socks! We are still trying to figure out a way to collect donations during Covid but we know every little donation helps!"

See? We told you Abigael's story was amazing. Her prize for being so kind was a Playtime by Eimmie doll of her choice. Abigael chose Kaylie because she loves her pigtails! She'll now have a new best friend to play with and inspire.

You can watch our Facebook announcement of the winner here.

Kindness Challenge Highlights

When we told you we received some amazing nominations, we weren't joking! Keep scrolling to read about all the wonderful kiddos working hard to make our world a better place.

"My daughter Ava is so sweet and kind-hearted. She helps her little brother and does chores around the house. She is a sweet friend and has welcomed our new neighbors that just moved in and didn't know anyone." - Rachel F.

"My daughter shows kindness by being loving. Whenever I tell her I love her she always says I love you more mama. She also loves to share and her motto is sharing is caring. She always makes me feel better if I'm feeling sad and she gives the best hugs. Her name is Marayleigh and she's 5." - Lori Ann L.

"Anoushka helps with so much around the house. She's got her own vegetable garden and helps with all the animals. She is really clever with our chickens, ducks and all the other little critters around here." - Camilla C.

"My daughter Maddie shows kindness by always offering to help around the house. She has taken a huge role in being a big sister but trying to help her little sister learn to potty train!" - Shannon V.


"My daughter Ariana is the one in the middle.She cares and protects her older sister who has Autism. She always holds her sisters hands to guide and protect her. She is a sweet, kind compassionate, loving and protective girl with her sisters. She always feels empathy for people and likes to help." - Annie H.

"My child shows kindness by always sharing what she has with her sisters. She got money for her birthday and halved it with her sisters. She is so loving and caring." - Nicole W.


Thank you again to everyone who submitted their stories. You can read even more kindness stories here.

Round two of our You're A Doll Kindness Challenge will be coming soon.

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