Which Sharewood Forest Friend Are You?

Feb 14, 2024
Which Sharewood Forest Friend Are You?

It’s cold and wintery outside. The snowflakes are making little patterns on the window, and the cold wind is whooshing around. At times like this, there’s nothing better than snuggling under the covers with a hot mug of cocoa and a book. 

But wait… aren’t we missing something?

Yes! That’s it! We need a furry friend. But not just any friend, a Sharewood Forest Friend! These cuddly little creatures come in different forms, such as Dougie the Dog, Sofie the Sloth, Fiona the Fox, Walter the Wolf, and many more.

Unlock the magic of Sharewood Forest Friends with our exclusive personality quiz! Dive into the whimsical world of these adorable plush characters available at Playtime By Eimmie and discover which forest friend resonates with your unique personality. This kid-friendly quiz is designed to add a touch of enchantment to your day while helping you find the perfect plush companion. Let the adventure begin as you explore the delightful personalities of Sharewood Forest Friends!


Question 1: It’s another Sunday afternoon. What are you doing?

- Splashing in a creek

- Baking goodies for loved ones

- Karaoke

- Spending time in nature

- Picnicking

- Helping those in need

- Gaming

- Talking to friends


Question 2: What do people love most about you?

- Your Hugs

- Your Encouragement

- Your Happiness

- Your Empathy

- Your Excitement

- Your Gentleness

- Your Humor

- Your Passion


Question 3: What is your ideal job?

- Teacher

- Chef

- Designer

- Therapist

- Party Planner

- Doctor

- Famous YouTuber

- Professional Athlete


Question 4: Which Playtime By Eimmie Play Pack do you like the most?

- Rain Gear

- Baking

- Cheerleader

- Flower Child

- Beach

- Doctor

- Gamer

- Roller Skater


Question 5: If you were a color, which one would you be?

- Rainbow

- Red

- White

- Purple

- Pink

- Gray/Black

- Green

- Navy


Question 6: What do you love most about yourself?

- Comforting

- Understanding

- Cheerful

- Good Listener

- Enthusiastic

- Helpful

- Witty

- Athletic 


If You Answered Mostly A’s - You are Piper! Piper likes splashing in Clover Creek in her spare time. She's always there to lend a hand or hug to a friend in need. Piper wants to be a Teacher one day when she's older. Piper's favorite Playtime Pack is the Rain Gear because you never know when a puddle will show up, with no one to jump in it! If Piper were a color, she would be rainbow-colored because how can you just pick one?! 

If You Answered Mostly B’s - You are Fiona! She's always there to give encouragement when needed, and she’s known for being understanding. Fiona likes baking in her kitchen in her spare time and wants to be a Chef one day when she's older. Fiona's favorite Playtime Pack is the Baking pack because you can never have too many goodies! If Fiona were a color, she would be fiery red, just like her! 

If You Answered mostly C’s - You are Aria! Aria likes singing in the Marigold Mountains in her spare time. She’s known for being cheerful and always being there to spread happiness when needed. Aria wants to be a Designer one day when she’s older. Aria’s favorite Playtime Pack is the Cheerleader pack because she loves to cheer others on! If Aria were a color, she’d be white. 

If You Answered Mostly D’s - You are Sofie! Sofie likes spending time in nature, especially at Lillypad Lake. She’s very empathetic and a great listener, so she wants to be a Therapist one day when she’s older. Sofie’s favorite Playtime Pack is the Flower Child pack because she loves flowers! If Sofie were a color, she’d be purple.

If You Answered Mostly E’s - You are Brie! Brie likes picnicking in Moonflower Meadows with her friends and family. She’s always around if you are looking for some excitement, and she is known for her enthusiasm! Brie wants to be a Party Planner one day when she’s older. Brie’s favorite Playtime Pack is the Beach Pack because going to the beach is just another reason to have a picnic! If Brie were a color, she’d be pink, just like her dress. 

If You Answered Mostly F’s - You are Walter! Walter likes helping friends and family in his spare time and can usually be seen on Maple Mountain carrying wood for anyone that needs a hand. He can always be counted on, and his temperament is gentle and kind. Walter wants to be a Doctor when he gets older, because what better way to help other people than to help them be well? If Walter were a color, he’d be Gray/Black, just like his fur! 

If You Answered Mostly G’s - You are Freddy! Freddy likes gaming and can usually be found in the Sunrise Gaming Center. He can always be counted on to break the ice with a joke. Freddy wants to be a famous YouTuber when he gets older and show the whole world his talents! If Freddy were a color, he’d be green, just like his fellow Frogs. 

If You Answered Mostly H’s - You are Dougie! Dougie likes empowering people and can usually be found in Palmtree Plaza, giving motivational speeches. He’s been known to take one for the team and almost always wins. Dougie wants to be a Professional Athlete when he’s older because he loves staying active! If Dougie were a color, he’d be Navy, just like his sweater.


Congratulations on completing the Sharewood Forest Friends Personality Quiz! Now that you've discovered which forest friend aligns with your unique personality, consider exploring Playtime By Eimmie's collection of Sharewood Forest Friend plushies to bring your newfound friend into your life. Whether it's Walter’s gentle demeanor, the playful spirit of the mischievous Freddy, or Brie’s serene charm, there's a plush buddy with the right personality for you waiting to join your adventures. Thank you for being a part of this magical quiz experience, and may your days be filled with the joy and companionship of your chosen Sharewood Forest Friend!

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