Playtime by Eimmie

Cheerleading Outfit for 18 Inch Dolls

Rally around your favorite team! Get your doll game-ready with our adorable 18-inch doll cheerleader outfit! She'll be the cutest cheerleader on the sidelines with the pink and white uniform, a pink heart design, and fabric fasteners. White with pink lace shoes make the outfit extra special. It has four accessories - pink, white, and purple pom poms, a metallic pink cheer bag, a megaphone, and a pink headband. Best of all, it fits most 18-inch soft-bodied dolls. Subscribe to Club Eimmie and receive cheer-related activities, crafts, and doll adventure stories.
πŸ’– Fits most popular 18-Inch Dolls
πŸ’– Adorable and durable, made with quality fabric
πŸ’– Playtime Prompts with every outfit