Kids Journal Prompts: Winter Edition

Feb 11, 2020
Kids Journal Prompts: Winter Edition - Playtime by Eimmie
Does your child love to write? Maybe, as a kid, you used to enjoy writing and you want your kiddo to develop it as a new hobby? Whatever the case, here are some fun journal prompts to help your little one put pen to paper.
  1. Write about your favorite thing about winter. Why is it your favorite?
  2. Would you rather play indoors or outdoors during the winter? Why?
  3. What sport would you play if you were in the Winter Olympics? Why?
  4. Does your family have any wintertime traditions? What are they?
  5. Describe the perfect snow day.
  6. What questions would you ask a polar bear? What about a penguin? What do you think their answers would be?
  7. Write a poem about snow.
  8. Complete this sentence: If I lived in the North Pole, I would...
  9. Describe what you picture a winter wonderland to look like. Where is it? Does everyone live in an igloo? What kind of animals are there? What kind of food do you eat?
  10. Write about your least favorite thing about winter. Why don't you like it?

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