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A Recipe for Fun: Family, Baking, and Imaginative Play - Playtime by Eimmie
Dec 13, 2018
Food is also one of the first ways we play and figure out who we are. Every kids has memories of playing restaurant or grocery. It's memories like those that led us to create our bakery set, to combine that pretend play with that strong connection to tradition and family. 
Why Playing with Dolls is Important: Why Open-Ended Play Matters
Oct 19, 2018
Open-ended play is when a child interacts with a toy or object that has no right way to play with it. This encourages creativity and imagination. It helps the child use more skills and makes them feel in charge.
Adorable Doll Accessories and a Fan Mention! - Playtime by Eimmie
Jan 17, 2018
Hi everyone! I hope 2018 is starting off great for all of you and that you’re having fun with the new dolls you got for the holidays. I’ll bet you’ve already come up with tons of ideas for how to dress them up and create a hip living space for them!
How to Make a Doll Jingle Bell Necklace
Dec 27, 2017
Winter fashion can be so much fun! You get to bring out all your favorite fuzzy sweaters, scarves, and boots again after soaking up the sun in summer. The outfit combinations are endless!
18 inch DIY doll house project
Dec 14, 2017
So many dolls, so little…space? If you or your little one view dolls like potato chips (you can’t have just one!), chances are you’ve quickly run out of beds to tuck them in or shelves to display them on.