5 Ways to Play with Your New Doll

Dec 28, 2020
Playtime by Eimmie, For Parents, 18-Inch Dolls

Ways To Play With Your New Doll

Each and every year, children sit around the Christmas tree with their eyes gleaming and minds wondering what new adventures wait for them. Although this year has been filled with unexpected struggles and the holidays will be much different than previous years, there are still ways to get your children’s imagination flowing.

If your children are anything like I was when I was little, then the most wanted Christmas present was anything that had to deal with dolls! I spent hours upon hours letting my creativity wander and had the most magical time playing, brushing their hair, and playing pretend.

Playtime by Eimmie is a gift that more than just fun, it’s a way to enhance your child’s empathy and creativity. President and COO of The Genius of Play, Richard Dickson, states, “We believe that play should always be both fun in the moment and valuable for a lifetime. And that skills best learned in childhood today offer enormous potential for global good tomorrow – empathy being just one example.” 

If your child received a doll for Christmas this year, here are five ways to generate playtime that will both be fun and mentally engaging! 

1. Take your doll outside and build a snowman or make snow angels! 

Even though the weather might be chilly, get some fresh air and off the phone screens by going outside for active playtime! Set your dolls up for the ultimate snowball fight, or show them all the fun you can have building a snow fort! 

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2. Ask your parent or grandparent to teach you a new recipe in your own matching baking apron set

I spent countless hours in the kitchen baking with my grandma and mom, and we always made sure to include my dolls! Let your child walk their doll through their favorite recipes, the perfect way to teach! 

2. Let your doll become a teacher and play pretend school. You can get a full classroom set for your 18-inch dolls here, accessories included. 

Playing pretend school was always one of my favorite ways to incorporate my dolls! This is a fantastic way to get your child to do their schoolwork (maybe they need to review vocabulary words or work through math problems). When you include their doll to be the teacher or student, they will be more willing to do their work, all while having fun at the same time.  

3. Draw a picture, or comic strip, of your dolls going on an adventure! 

Is your child artistically creative? Get them drawing! Let them create their own adventure by writing it in a story, or drawing a picture of them with their doll. 

4. Don’t have a dollhouse yet? Build your own dollhouse with our downloadable instructions for a doll diorama! 

Does your child like to build forts? If you don’t have a doll house, no problem at all! Download our doll diorama PDF and make your own dollhouse, it’s just a few steps and your child can turn it into any kind of house they’d like. Add wallpaper, pictures, and even their own name tag! 

Receiving a new doll is exciting and the playtime possibilities are endless! We want to make sure your child is not only enjoying their doll, but also engaging in the mental benefits of playtime as well. When you involve your child with active play, not only will they have fun, but they will also be learning without even realizing it! It’s truly the best of both worlds.

Playtime by Eimmie, 18-Inch Dolls, For Parents, Creative Playtime, For Grandparents

Playtime by Eimmie supports screen-free playtime, keeping the connection between a girl and her doll, and encouraging her imagination! I hope that these ideas keep your child’s playtime fresh and exciting. Enjoy all of the fun that comes with receiving your doll! 

Playtime by Eimmie, For Parents, For Grandparents, New Dolls, 18-Inch Dolls Download the 5 Ways to Play With Your New Doll PDF here


playtime by eimmie, for parents, 18-inch dolls, for grandparents 

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