How To Host The Perfect Slumber Party

Sep 13, 2019
How To Host The Perfect Slumber Party - Playtime by Eimmie

I still vividly remember my first slumber party with friends from school. Sure, I had them with my cousins all the time but the first one with friends is one I will never forget. It was one of my classmates' -- I even remember her name, Peggy! -- ninth birthday and her mom went all-out with snacks, games, crafts and SO much candy. 

Whenever I'd go over Peggy's house after school, we'd play in her living room or bedroom but, since it was her birthday, her mom let us have free range of her basement. All of us girls brought our sleeping bags and favorite pillows from home and we spent the evening watching scary PG-13 movies -- shh, don't tell my mom.

Decades later I still keep in touch with the girls I spent time with that night (thanks, Facebook!) and it's a fond memory I'll hang onto forever.

So, you see, hosting a slumber party for your daughter will be, without a doubt, a wonderful way for her to build friendships, turning them into long-lasting relationships.

Here are some tips as to how to plan the perfect night for your daughter and her friends.

Pick a theme. Themes don't have to be extravagant or over-the-top; try to not overthink it.

Does your daughter and her friend group have a favorite movie? Base the night's activities off of the film's plot, characters and colors. For example, if the girls are into Frozen, plan to put the movie on before bed but after having wintry snacks like snow cones and having a dance party to the soundtrack.

Encourage matching pajamas. Their outfits don't all have to be the exact same but even just suggesting a certain color scheme will make for not only great pictures but a strong bonding experience.

Adding to the Frozen movie theme, encouraging the girls to wear their favorite Elsa PJs is simple yet very exciting.

Make it a dolls night, too. If your daughter's group of friends are into toys such as Eimmie, American Girl or Our Generation, invite both the girls and their dolls to the party.

The girls will get a kick out of introducing their dolls to one another but it will also give them hours of open ended play as they create scenarios and adventures as a group.

Make fun snacks. This day in age you can hop on Pinterest and find any creative snack your heart desires.

DIY loaded nachos, banana split barss'mores stations -- any idea will surely be a hit.

Build a pillow fort. An oldie but most definitely a goodie. Whether you set it up before the girls arrive to your home or let the building be up to them, sitting under their make-shift club house will give them an opportunity to feel as if they're somewhere else in their own imaginations.

Put together the perfect playlist. Whether you're going straight with a theme like Frozen and you have a built-in soundtrack or you're starting from scratch, keep in mind that music is important. Build a playlist using current hits or introduce them to your old favorites like The Spice Girls, Cher, or Madonna.

The memories your daughter and her friends will make on these special nights will last a lifetime and will give them stories to talk about and reminisce for years to come. Whether it be the snacks you served, the scary movie you allowed them to watch, or anything in between, there is no doubt that even the tiniest of details will make a difference,

What else would you add? Do you remember your first sleepover? What stuck out to you?



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